Special Someone: Ibu Asri

For the 2019-2020 cohort, we have decided to dedicate the “Spotlights” section to highlight some of the wonderful Indonesians that we have met along our journey that deserve recognition or played an important role in our Indonesian experience. Please enjoy!

Ibu Asri

ETA Name: Maria Isabel Nieves Bosch

Site: Surakarta, Central Java

Bu Asri is my big sister in Indonesia. I can talk to her about anything! When I have trouble with something or someone, I don’t think twice about contacting her. She is very understanding, loving, and encouraging. She always answers when I need her, and we connect right away when we sit together and talk. On another matter, Bu Asri loves her students and works hard to see them motivated. She is a teacher, mentor, and a friend to all. The best way she can succeed is by helping others succeed in life, which is what makes her a great leader and a great teacher. She has taken me to students’ futsal tournaments, camping, and to her family’s house. These have been amazing moments that have allowed for me to connect with the students and appreciate Indonesian culture. I am lucky to have her as a friend.

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