Special Someone: Ibu TriYa

For the 2019-2020 cohort, we have decided to dedicate the “Spotlights” section to highlight some of the wonderful Indonesians that we have met along our journey that deserve recognition or played an important role in our Indonesian experience. Please enjoy!

Ibu TriYa

ETA Name: Maria Isabel Nieves Bosch

Site: Surakarta, Central Java

Bu TriYa is a wonderful person with an amazing palette. She has been my trustworthy food guide in Solo and a loving companion. Bu TriYa is my co-teacher in SMKN 7 Surakarta. She is a hardworking teacher, who cares about her work and always looks on ways to improve. Whenever I need something, she is a person I can go to for help. I can always find her in the library when I feel alone or bored and she will always start a conversation with me or ask me, “Did you have lunch?” When I say, “Belum”, she starts to think happily of the many choices in Solo. Sometimes, we order food on GRAB. Other times, she takes me on her motorcycle to places near the school that are popular in Solo. These moments centered on food have been brief, but significant! They always provide me great comfort and warmth. I love spending time with Bu TriYa!

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