An ETA’s First Week at Site

Every ETA has a unique experience. From country to country and year to year, ETAs have vastly different experiences. There is even a range of experiences for ETAs in the same country, during the same year. This is especially true for the cohorts in the incredibly diverse country of Indonesia. Therefore, this post will not capture what it is like to be an ETA in Indonesia, rather it will attempt to capture some of my personal experiences from the first week as an ETA at SMA 2 Payakumbuh in 2019.

Dear Fulbright ETA of Color

~By: Anisha Tyagi, (2018-2019) ETA in Semerang~ Your role is going to feel impossible. Though both the U.S. and Indonesia are extremely diverse, their diversities are different. Because of this, it is incredibly difficult to properly explain what it means to be an American of color to Indonesians. This is a new concept and a…